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William Gordon

534 Gunner

‘C’ Battery, 106 Brigade, Royal Field Artillery, 24th Division Divisional Troops

Age: 31

Date of Death: 16.3.16

Buried: Bedford House Cemetery Enclosure No.2 III.D.12

Family history: Husband of Elizabeth Gavin Gordon, 776 Springburn Road, Glasgow. They had two children. Son of John and Elizabeth Gordon, Slamannan.

Summary 106 Brigade

The 106 Brigade was raised as part of the Third New Army, K3 in September 1914. The 106 Brigade was originally comprised of ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ Batteries RFA and the Brigade Ammunition Column. It was placed under the command of the 24th Division. The batteries were all armed with four 18-pounder field guns. The brigade remained with 24th Division throughout the war

  • On 13 May the Brigade Ammunition Column left, being merged into the 24th Divisional Ammunition Column.

  • On 13 May 1916 ‘D’ Battery left, becoming the ‘A’ Battery of 109 Brigade. The ‘D’ (Howitzer) Battery of that brigade joined in its place.

  • On 3 October 1916 the field gun batteries were made up to six guns each: two-gun sections from what had been ‘A’ Battery of 109 Brigade joined ‘A’ and ‘B’ Batteries respectively, and ‘C’ Battery was joined by a section from 109 Brigade ‘B’ Battery.

  • ‘D’ (Howitzer) Battery was also brought up to six howitzers by the arrival of a section of two from ‘C’ (Howitzer) Battery of 108 Brigade on 27 January 1917.

Summary source:

The action leading to his death

The brigade was in position around Bedford House. The War Diary reports that on 9 March 1916, one section of ‘C’ Battery had taken up a position at map reference I20C3.6 (sheet 28), this was the area around Trios Rois/Shrapnel Corner and the remainder had gone into position. The brigade was providing fire support at the area known as the Bluff. On 16 March the War Diary recorded that ‘C’ Battery had five casualties, one man killed.

(106 Brigade War Dairy entry from 1 to 17 March 1916)

(Linesman Map from 1 April 1917. Showing artillery positions. Although not 106 Brigade, the map does indicate the British area that 106 Brigade occupied)

Medals Awarded:

1915 Star, The British War Medal, Victory Medal

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