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Peter West

200737 L/Cpl

12th Battalion, Royal Scots, 27th Infantry Brigade, 9th (Scottish) Division

Age: 36

Date of Death: Killed in Action 25 April 1918

Buried: Tyne Cot Memorial Panel 11 to 14

Family history: He lived at 29 Mary Street, Laurieston, with his mother Margaret, His father was deceased. He had a brother and a sister who both lived at home. Employed at N.B.R. as a surface worker he enlisted in the Territorials on 16 December 1914. (The picture shows him as 4th Battalion Piper). He was originally in the 4th Battalion, Royal Scots when he enlisted however; when he landed in France on 5 August 1917, he was posted to the 12th Battalion which he joined in the field on the 22 August.

The action that lead to his death

The battalion were in the line Rossignol Wood to Parret Farm, Vierstraat.

At 2.45 am on 25 April the enemy opened a heavy artillery barrage of HE and gas shells on the Battalion line. Shortly after the barrage commenced all communication was lost between the Company’s and Battalion HQ. Runners sent back could not find their way through the enemy smoke screen and nothing more was heard from them.

At about 5.30am the enemy launched infantry attacks and these were repulsed by Lewis Gun and rifle fire. The right company found that the French had retired leaving their right flank exposed. The enemy exploited this and got in behind practically surrounding them. At 8.30am the remaining few men of the front line Company’s fought their way back to the Cheapside Line.

The Battalion was withdrawn on the night of 25th having sustained heavy casualties.

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