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British: Voormezeele, Abdijmolenstraat

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

In the fields, at the end of the road now named Abdijmolenstraat, on the western edge of Voormezeele was the British railway siding named Elzenwalle Sidings. On the same street, located behind a modern farm building, are the remains of a concrete bunker built into an embankment.

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Behind the farm is Voormezeele Enclosures No.1 & 2 Cemetery. There were originally seven shelters in a row in the field. The remaining bunker is of a similar construction with an Elephant iron lining with concrete on top. The entrance leads into a large inner chamber that goes into the embankment. It would not have withstood a direct hit as it is not particularly strongly built.

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The bunkers were used by the Australian 4th Division Ammunition Officer and the Salvage Officer. The map shows a light railway connected to the main Elzenwalle sidings and this was used to transport wounded from the frontline to the nearby Field Ambulance as well ammunition and other supplies to the front line.

Linesman Map

This area was captured by the Germans at the end of April 1918 and the frontline was on the edge of the village. The village and the bunkers were recaptured in August 1918 by the American 30th Division who called on the help of the Royal Engineers to advise them in searching the bunkers for booby traps.

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