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Hallebast Tank Bridge

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

This one does not fall into the category of dugouts and bunkers however, it is constructed from concrete blocks and beams, used in the construction of British pill boxes and bunkers. The parapet walls of the bridge are constructed from concrete blocks made at the British Second Army factory at Arques. The bridge is possibly the only remaining type of its kind and today carries the road over the Kemmelbeek that links Hallebast and Vierstraat.

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Linesman Map showing the location of the bridge

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It was the 245th Army Troops Company, R.E. who began the work recording 'bridge for tanks' on 4 September 1918 and completed the bridge, working in three shifts continuously, on 7 September. They left their mark on the end of one of the parapet walls inscribing '245 Cy A.T.R.E. 7 Aug 1918'. It is strange that the date is wrong.

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