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American: Assam Farm

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

This shelter is located on the Groenejagerstraat. west of Ieper, and was constructed in August 1918 by the 105th Regiment of Engineers, US 30th Division, taking over the construction started by 222nd Field Company, R.E..

Authors image

Linesman Map showing the location of the shelter

War Diary Weekly work Report 222 Field Coy RE Assam Camp shelter construction

It is made in typical British style with the concrete on top of elephant iron, the moulding is still visible. It was constructed with doorways at each end, unusual for a machine gun position. The door way facing the front line was blocked up and an aperture left for a machine gun, probably by the British when the US troops handed this area back to them.

Authors image

There were also two Moir Pill Boxes that were built beside the shelter, they are long gone. the shelter was part of the Dickebusch Line and the Americans named this defensive position Fort Baird, after Brigadier-General Baird who was in command of 100 Brigade, 33rd Division and it was his Brigade that had trained the US troops of the 119th and 120th (2nd & 3rd North Carolina Infantry) in trench familiarisation and who had their HQ here.

Interior of the shelter. Authors image

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