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British: View Farm, Buffs Road

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Buffs Road is named after the 1st Battalion, the Buffs, East Kent Regiment and appears on British trench maps. Today, it is Hogeziekemweg. In the field next to the roadside shrine you can view the roof of a larger underground structure that was once part of Hill Top Camp. The camp had been established here after the front line had moved forward in 1917 and was later enlarged in 1918.

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The nearby farm had been an important observation point from 1915 until the front moved eastward in 1917. As it was situated on a rise it gave good views over the German lines hence the name View Farm and to the north was Hill Top Farm which was on the crest of the rise.

Linesman Map

The British strengthened the defences here in 1918 to deny the Germans the high ground and views into Ypres.

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