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British: Swan Chateau Wood

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

This bunker is situated in what is today the Tortelbos Park (Swan Chateau on British trench maps) off the Pannenhuisstraat road. It can be found near a track that runs through the park. This bunker is the remnants of a machine gun post and it shows signs of damage from artillery fire.

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It appears on the weekly work sheet map of 222 Field Company, R.E. from June 1918 and probably dates from early 1918 when work was done to strengthen the defences in anticipation of the German offensive.

Linesman Map

It was not a particularly strong construction with thin walls and the roof has been blown off. It was part of the Cheapside Line, GHQ No.2 Line, and was used by troops of 21st Division in holding the line here against the German offensive, it was located some two hundred yards from the front line and would have been in constant use.

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