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British: St Jan

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

The shelter is located behind houses, which are directly opposite the White House Farm Cemetery, and a farm on the south side of the Brugseweg.

Authors image

Built as a shell proof accommodation shelter using corrugated iron sheets, the single interior chamber was formed over elephant iron and there is a ventilation hole for the stove. There is no embrasure for a machine gun nor is there an exterior mounting for a machine gun on the roof. An additional wall has been added to the entrance to provide protection from German shell fire.

Authors image

Maps of 1917/18 show hutted accommodation nearby however, the shelter is not shown on any maps. It may have been built for one of the artillery batteries positioned in this area in April 1918. It does have minor damage from a German shell.

Linesman Map

Authors image. View towards Ieper

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