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British: Kemmel Shelters, Locre

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

The two concrete shelters, made using sandbag framework, and one also has the remnants of the wooden lining that formed the interior framework for the concrete, are on Lokerstraat, on today’s maps, and Gordon Road, on the British trench maps and are marked on these trench maps as ‘Kemmel Shelters’.

Authors image

There were two railheads and Redvers Camp nearby and this would have been a busy junction and an obvious target for German artillery and aerial bombardment.

Linesman Map

The shelters are of different design and were part of a larger group of shelters in this area one has been hit by shell fire probably as a result of the fighting during the German spring offensive. This was the limit of the German advance in 1918.

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Authors image

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