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British: Hussar Farm

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

This observation post is located on what was known to the British as Cavalry Road and today is Kruiskalssidjestraat. It is a tall, well-constructed reinforced concrete building that can be found amongst other farm buildings.

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The brick work masonry of the original farm building is still visible, the farm was shown on trench maps as Hussar Farm and the Observation Post shows signs of being struck by German shells.

Linesman Map

It was constructed using the original brick walls of the farm, corrugated steel and sandbags to provide reinforcement, their imprint can be seen on the outside of the building. A steel rung ladder that led to the observation platform in the roof is within the interior. The cellar of the farmhouse was used as shelter.

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The observation post dates from 1916 and may have been built by the RFA troops themselves, it is not the Observation Post listed as ‘Observation Post 11, Red Tiled House’, which was built by the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (see the separate listing at Red Tiled House) and was demolished. There was a similar position at Hasler House, on the Saint Jean to Wieltje Road, now the Brugseweg, this is now gone.

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