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British: Boezinge Canal Bank

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

This bunker can be found to the south west Boezinge along the canal path named Westkaaipad and past the lock which did not exist during the war. The farmer has done his best to eradicate any trace of the bunker.

Authors image. The slight rise in the foreground to the left of the tent is the bunker location

The front lines face each other here with the German trench shown on British maps as Canal Trench opposite.

Linesman Map

The canal at that time was no more than a feted marsh of mud and water. The bunker would have been used by an observer and it is on the boundary line between the 38th (Welsh) Division and the Guards Division on the opening day of Third Ypres on 31 July 1917, at the section known as B12.1 and met with the trench S1 which ran to here from the station at Boezinge.

The farmer has done his best to cover over the bunker

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