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British: Anzac Camp

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Located in a field at the junction of Pannenhuisstraat and Ruusschaartstraat is the site of the former Anzac Camp of which there remains two bunkers.

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The maps of 1918 show there to be five huts or shelters in a row. In June and July1918 the 222nd (Tottenham) Field Engineers built bomb proof shelters in this area for the 156 Brigade Royal Artillery, 33rd Division.

Weekly Progress Map 222 Field Coy RE

The front line was close to the site of the camp with the slight rise known as Anzac Ridge running in front and the trench Anzac Avenue in front of the bunkers and Domino Trench behind.

Linesman Map

The bunkers are typical of the British style, rounded shelters with a layer of reinforced concrete cast over elephant iron lining with reinforcement provided by iron bars and expanded metal, this was effective in holding the concrete together when struck by artillery shells and prevented fragments and splinters from flying around inside the bunker wounding or killing the occupants.

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Both of the bunkers show slight damage from artillery shells. The bunkers were occupied in September 1918 by American troops, under the tuition of the 33rd Division.

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