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Alexander Taylor

Sapper Alexander Taylor. Authors image

410420 Sapper

202nd Field Company, Royal Engineers, 30th Divisional Troops

Age: 34

Date of Death: 15.10.18 DoW

Buried: Somer Farm Cemetery A.1

Family history: Husband of Annie, they lived at Blairgowrie Cottage, Bonnybridge with their five children. Prior to enlisting he was employed as a grate fitter at a local iron foundry.


The action leading to his death

The British offensive had begun on 29 September 1918, known as the advance to victory. The 202nd Field Company was working on repairing bridges over the Werviq to Comines canal, the plank road, and in placing pontoon bridges over the River Lys in support of the advance. This was dangerous work being out in the open and in daylight. The men were subjected to enemy artillery fire and air attack.


The War diary recorded listed the casualties for the 15 October and they included Alexander as one of the wounded who were evacuated. He subsequently died of his wounds.

War diary listing Alexander as since died of wounds

Medals Awarded

The British War Medal, Victory Medal.

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