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American: Nine Elms Bunker

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

This bunker is located some 500 metres west of Nine Elms Cemetery. This was built by the 105th Engineers, US 30th Division and it formed part of the West Poperinge Line defence system. It originally had an observation post built on top but this has been removed by the farmer. The remainder of the bunker is incorporated into the farm shop.

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They had whitewashed the interior and used timber to form the machine gun apertures, although the only visible aperture is from the inside of the farm shop.

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They did not finish the project, they were transferred to the Somme sector at Bellicourt to prepare for the attack on the Hindenburg Line, being relieved by the Royal Engineers of 35th Division who did not carry on with the build. The American engineers left their inscription on the outside of the bunker.

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