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28 July 2023

Thank you for visiting the site.

Much has be done since my last update in February.

Craters Section

This new section was added in April and includes an overview of the tunnelling war in the Salient as well as individual posts about each crater. These can be read with a brew and a biscuit!

Sex & Tommy: In Flanders Fields

Sex and war is not a subject that readily springs to mind when discussing the First World War. It is an uncomfortable subject for many and is on the margins of British history of the First World War. What is of surprise is not that there was sexual activity along the Western Front, but that it has not been explored in any real detail. This article explores the subject, with a focus on the Salient.

Two new sections are currently being researched and will be added to the site in the coming weeks.

Both the Falkirk and Grangemouth sections are also being added too.

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