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Updated: Apr 1, 2023

German artillery bunker. Authors image

25 February 2023

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Dugouts & Bunkers Section

Since my last update on 12 December, much has been done. Part One, introducing the subject, Part Two, the German shelters, dugouts and bunkers. and Part Three describing the British structures, have been completed. In addition, individual descriptions of British and allied dugouts and bunkers have been added. Part Two has also been updated with more information on German bunkers.

Several structures have been demolished and they are listed below. However, many structures have been listed and are protected by the Flanders authorities but despite this there continues to be losses. I have recorded what remains. I have also highlighted structures that I have been unable to obtain images for as they are on private ground or in the grounds of private homes where the owners will not give permission of access.

Demolished Structures

  • Tuff's Farm - was demolished, with permission, to make way for new farm buildings

  • Hooggraaf - illegally demolished

  • Westhof Farm - demolished

  • Underhill Farm - remains of shelter in woods behind the cemetery - demolished

Unable to gain access

  • Brandhoek - located in private garden

  • Palingbeek large shelter - located in the private area of the golf course maintenance area

  • Belgian Chateau (Carmelite Convent) - located on private ground within the convent

  • Cork Cottage - located on private ground

  • Vlamertinge Chateau - No public access

  • Brielen (Trois Tours Chateau) - No public access

  • Brielen - located in the grounds of a private house

  • Boezinge Chateau - No public access

  • Rifle House Bunker - Ploegsteert Wood on private land in thick undergrowth

  • Elverdinge - in the grounds of a private house

Lost to nature & dense undergrowth

  • Wagram Farm

  • Ravine Wood

  • Zillibeke Lake - south bank

  • Iron Bridge, located on the Bijlanderpad

  • Hommelhofstraat, Ieper

  • Hellfire Corner

  • Shoe Wood

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