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23 December 2023

Thank you for visiting the site.

Much has be done since my last update in July.

Falkirk and Grangemouth Sections

These are now complete. All the bio's of the men from the towns and villages of Falkirk District are now loaded to the site.

Ypres Salient Airmen

This new section has been added to the General section. There are links to the bio's of British and German airmen buried in the Salient as well as the Balloonatics, those men who went up in the kite balloons.

Art, the Artists and the Ypres Salient

Featured are several generations of British artists, ranging from the Scottish printmaker Muirhead Bone, C.R.W. Nevinson, Paul Nash, David Bamberg, William Open, and others. On the German side, works by Otto Dix, who left art school to enlist in the German army, George Grosz, Max Beckmann, and Käthe Kollwitz

Paths of Glory

this blog deals with the many forms of death and their categories. it is a companion piece to the blog entitled Recording the Dead. How it Began

The Love of a Son: Käthe Kollwitz and Vladslo

 I first saw Käthe Kollwitz memorial to her son Peter in Vladslo German Cemetery many years ago. There is something melancholic about the figures however, what does separate this memorial from all the others is the sheer simplicity and the inability of the viewer to tie it to any school of art or ideology. Käthe Kollwitz’s war memorial is an offering to her son, a son who sacrificed himself for his country. It took her eighteen years to complete and this alone should tell us something about her process of bereavement. This blog explores the creation of the memorial and her life in creating this work.

MPs and MP's Sons Who are Buried or Commemorated in the Salient

This new section is currently under construction.

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