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24 July 2021

Cemeteries & Memorials

This section is nearing completion with the last four cemeteries and memorials to be added. You can view the work to date on the site.

Future work on the site

When the Cemeteries & Memorials section is complete the plan is to continue to load the individual biographies of each man beginning with Falkirk Town. There will be more in a future update.


Taff Gillingham Presentations

I am delighted to announce that Taff Gillingham has given permission to use his video talks from 2020. These cover a range of First World War topics and can now be viewed on the site.

An introduction to Taff Gillingham

Taff Gillingham is a military historian specialising in the life of the British and Commonwealth soldier during the first half of the Twentieth Century. He has been consistently employed as military historical advisor on major film, television and theatre productions, making regular appearances on documentaries on television and radio. He is Chairman of the Friends of the Suffolk Regiment and of the Suffolk branch of the Western Front Association. You can follow Taff on Twitter @Taff_Gillingham

Western Front Association - Cenotaph Commemoration from 2019

As a member of the WFA, I am delighted to announce that you can now view the Cenotaph commemoration of Armistice Day of 2019 on the site.

The Western Front Association (The WFA) was formed with the purpose of furthering interest in First Word War of 1914-1918. We also aim to perpetuate the memory, courage and comradeship of all those who served their countries on all sides, across all theatres and fronts, on land, at sea and in the air and at home, during the Great War.

You can read more about the WFA here

To join the Western Front Association please email

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