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German Airmen - Railway Dugouts (Transport Farm) Cemetery

There are two German Airmen in this Cemetery.

Plot 5 Special Memorial Vizefeldwebel Peter Glasmachers. Jasta 8. KIA 5.5.17. He had three victories, including Captain James Montague Edward Shepherd commander ‘A’ Flight, 1 Squadron RFC, who is buried at Perth Cemetery (China Wall) Grave XVI.A.6 Read more here

He was shot down and killed near St Eloi. He was involved in a fight with an FE2d of 20 Squadron flown by 2nd Lieutenant Frank Ford Babbage and his observer Air Mechanic 1st Class Bernard Aldred. As Glasmachers machine passed over the FE2’s top wing Aldred fired at it using the rear mounted Lewis machine gun. Glasmacher was seen on fire and falling out of control. The tail of his aircraft came off with the wreckage falling on the British side of the lines near Hill 60.

Vizefeldwebel Gotthard Waldschmidt Flieger Abteilung III. He was killed over Verbrandenmolen.

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