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British Airmen - Perth (China Wall) Cemetery

Grave I.D.5 2nd Lieutenant Graham Leckie. Royal Garrison Artillery attached 21 Squadron RFC. Pilot. Age 28. KIA 7.7.17. Son of Alexander and Elizabeth Mary Leckie. Grave I.D.5 Captain Hubert Patterson Osborne. 104th Battalion Canadian Infantry attached 21 Squadron RFC. Observer. Age 22. KIA 7.7.17. Son of Lt. Col. William J. and Evelyn Beatrice (Phippen) Osborne, of 221, Church St., Fredericton, New Brunswick. Born at Belleville, Ontario. They were flying in a RE8, A4606, on an artillery observation patrol over the Ypres Salient when they were shot down by Vizefeldwebel Fritz Krebs, Jasta 6. Vizefeldwebel Fritz Krebs – He joined Jasta 6 in May 1917. After scoring eight victories he was shot down and killed on 16 July 1917 north of Zonnebeke. His victor was either Captain G H Bowman of 56 Squadron or Captain W G Campbell of 1 Squadron.

Perth (china Wall) Cemetery. Ypres Salient. Battlefields Belgium. Flanders
Authors image. Perth (China Wall) Cemetery

Grave XVI.A.9 Lieutenant Tom Cecil Noel M.C. & Bar. 3rd Battalion Kings Own Scottish Borderers attached 20 Squadron RAF. Observer. Age 20. KIA 22.8.18. Son of Cecil and Edith Noel, of Cottesmore, Oakham, Rutland. He was observer flying in a Bristol F2b, D7993, when the aircraft was shot down by Leutnant Willi Nebgen of Jasta 7. The pilot, Captain D Latimer M.C., D.F.C. was taken prisoner. Noel’s body was exhumed from the German Military Cemetery at Westroosebeke and reburied here.

Leutnant Willi Nebgen – He had four victories. He was shot down and killed near Nieppe on 22 October 1918.

Perth (china Wall) Cemetery. Ypres Salient. Battlefields Belgium. Flanders
Leutnant Willi Nebgen and his Fokker DVII

Perth (China Wall) Cemetery. Ypres Salient. Battlefields Belgium. Flanders
Authors Image. Perth (China Wall) Cemetery)

Grave II.E.42 6728 Air Mechanic 1st Class Robert Lester Fairless. 4 Squadron RFC. Age 20. KIA 11.8.17. Son of Robert Lester Fairless and Mary Fairless, 164 Peter Street, St. Helens. His body was one of three recovered from an isolated cemetery and reburied here.

Perth (China Wall) Cemetery. Ypres Salient. Battlefields Belgium. Flanders
Authors image. Perth (China Wall) Cemetery

Grave XVI.A.5 Lieutenant Maurice Lowe. 19 Squadron RFC. Pilot. Age 26. KIA 27.6.17. Son of Joseph Morris Lowe and Amy Lowe, 87 Singleton Avenue, Prenton, Birkenhead. He was flying a SPAD 7, B1663, when he was shot down near Bixschoote by Oberleutnant Bruno von Voigt of Jasta 8. His body was exhumed from Manneken Farm German Cemetery No.3 and reburied here. Oberleutnant Bruno von Voigt – He joined Jasta 8 in June 1917 and had three victories and two probable’s one of them being Lieutenant Maurice Lowe. He was promoted to Hauptman (Captain) and went on to command Jasta 1 from 18 August to 3 September 1918 and then took command of Jasta 66 from 3 September to 19 September 1918.

Grave X.C.15 Lieutenant Thomas Charles Harvey Lucas. Pilot. Suffolk Regiment attached 20 Squadron RFC. Age 19. KIA 6.2.17. Son of Charles and Annie Elizabeth Lucas, of Burwell, Cambs. Grave X.C.14 2nd Lieutenant John Taylor Gibbon. Observer. 20 Squadron RFC. Age 29. KIA 6.2.17. Son of Arthur Richard and Harriet Gibbon; husband of Grace Gibbon, of "Hill View," Spin Hill, Market Lavington, Wilts. Formerly served in Royal Army Service Corps. They were flying in an FE2d, A31, on a photographic reconnaissance when they were shot down by Leutnant Alfred Traeger of Jasta 8 near Moorslede. They were both buried in the German Cemetery at Reutel and exhumed after the war and reburied here. Leutnant Alfred Traeger – Flew with Jasta 8 from 10 September 1916 to 8 February 1917 and two victories with this Jasta. He then joined Jasta 27 on 14 February to 1 March 1917 when he was wounded in action. He returned to action on 8 April when he was severely wounded and did not return until 16 August 1917 when he had another victory. He was wounded in action again on 21 August 1917.

Perth (China Wall) Cemetery. Ypres Salient, Battlefields Belgium. Flanders
Authors image. Perth (China Wall) Cemetery

Grave XVI.A.4 Lieutenant Richard William Laurence Anderson. 1 Squadron RFC. He was from South Africa. He joined 1 Squadron on 30 April 1917 and was credited with one victory on 7 June 917. He was flying in an Nieuport 17, B1689, when he was shot down by anti-aircraft fire over Pilkem. The wings were seen to fall off and the aircraft came down east of the British lines. His body was exhumed from Manneken Farm German Cem No.3 and reburied here after the Armistice.

Perth (China Wall) Cemetery. Ypres Salient. Battlefields Belgium. Flanders
Authors image. Perth (China Wall) Cemetery

Grave XVI.A.6 Captain James Montague Edward Shepherd. Rifle Brigade attached 1 Squadron RFC. Age 21. KIA 15.2.17. Son of Montague and Theresa Shepherd. He learned to fly with 5 Reserve Squadron and at 18 Reserve Squadron in early 1916. He was posted to 16 Squadron in May of that year and flew BE2s. He then joined 1 Squadron in December 1916 on promotion to Flight commander and took charge of ‘A’ Flight. On 15 February three patrols from 1 Squadron took off from Bailleul with one, consisting of two aircraft, patrolling the northern Salient Shepherd was part of this patrol, one, consisting of two aircraft the southern and a single aircraft in the centre. The lesson of safety in numbers had not yet been learnt. The southern patrol shot down Leutnant Hans von Keudell, read more about him here

The northern patrol attacked three enemy aircraft east of Ypres and Shepherd was last seen in a vertical dive over Gheluvelt. His body was exhumed from Manneken Farm German Cem No.3 and reburied here after the Armistice. The victory was claimed by Vizefeldwebel Peter Glasmacher. Jasta 8. He was to be killed in action on 5 May 1917 and is buried in Railway Dugouts (Transport Farm) Cemetery.

Perth (China Wall) Cemetery. Ypres Salient. Battlefields Belgium. Flanders
Authors image. Perth (China Wall) Cemetery

Grave XVI.C.1 2nd Lieutenant Samuel Franklin Leslie Cody. 41 Squadron RFC. Age 21. KIA 23.1.17. Son of Lela M. Cody, of Vale Croft, Ash Vale, Surrey and the late aircraft pioneer, Samuel F. Cody. Husband of Maude H. Cody, of 'Notre Dame', Church Road, Aldershot, Surrey.

He was the first flying casualty of 41 Squadron and the son of the aviation pioneer Samuel Franklin Cody. He was flying an FE8, 7613, when he was shot down near Bixschoote by Leutnant Walter von Bulow-Bothkamp of Jasta 18. He was buried at Houthulst German Cemetery and exhumed after the Armistice and reburied here.

Leutnant Walter von Bulow-Bothkamp. Perth (China Wall) Cemetery. Ypres Salient. Flanders
Leutnant Walter von Bulow-Bothkamp

Leutnant Walter von Bulow-Bothkamp - In August 1914, he and his younger brother Conrad joined Braunschweige Hussars Regiment 17 (the Deaths Head Hussars). In January 1915, he accompanied his unit to the front in southern Alsace. He was commissioned as a Leutnant in April 1915. He joined the flying service and was originally posted to Feldflieger Abteilung 22, which was an aviation squadron organized for aerial reconnaissance, observation, and direction of artillery on the Western Front. Although flying an AEG G.II two-seated observation plane, he had two victories shooting down two seaters on consecutive days, 10 and 11 October 1915. After an award of the Iron Cross First Class for his victories in October, his transfer to Flieger-Abteilung 300 took him to the Palestinian front and was wounded on 13 June 1916. After his discharge from hospital, he had two further victories with a fifth victory unconfirmed.

He was transferred from Flieger-Abteilung 300 and joined Jagdstaffel 18 on the Western Front. He shot down two enemy aircraft on 23 January 1917 and another the following day. On10 May, when he transferred from Jagdstaffel 18 to command Jagdstaffel 36, his victory total stood at 13. He had been awarded both the Knights Cross with Swords of the Hohenzollern House Order and the Saxony Military St Henry Order. He Received the Pour le Merite on 29 October when his victory total stood at 21.

His twenty eighth and last victory was on 2 December 1917. On 13 December 1917, he was transferred to command Jasta 2, Oswald Boelcke's old unit. On 6 January 1918 he was shot down east of Passchendaele, falling into the German front line trenches. He did not survive. RFC aces Captain William M. Fry MC of 23 Squadron shot him down and he was possibly finished off by Lieutenant F G Quigley MC of 70 Squadron. He was buried in his family chateau's cemetery. He joined his brother Friedrich, killed in action in 1914. Within the year, Conrad would join them

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