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David Hunter

836720 Gunner

307th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery, 61st (Second South Midland) Division

Age: 24

Date of Death: 22.9.17

Buried: Mendinghem Military Cemetery VII.E.33

Family history: Son of David Hunter, 8 Bonnymuir Place, Bonnybridge. He had one brother and three sisters. He lived at The Wynd, Cumbernauld with his wife and daughter. Prior to enlisting he was employed as a moulder by Gillespie Ltd, Chattan Stove Works.

The action leading to his death

In late August and early September 1917, the Divisional artillery was supplying fire support to the Divisions efforts to push the line forward at positions around Schuler Farm and Aisne Farm near St Julien.

(Linesman Map.)

The derelict tank, shown in the map, is Tank F41, named Fray Bentos, was a male Mark IV, number 2329. In August 1917 the nine man crew experienced the longest tank action of the First World War. Their saga began at 4:40am on the 22nd August, when they moved off in support of an attack by 61st Division near St Julien. Read more here

David was wounded in a gas attack on 11 September and taken to Mendinghem Casualty Clearing Station, the names of the CCS’s reflected the dark humour of the Tommy and they found their way into the vocabulary of the troops. Mendinghem, were 12, 46, and 64 CCS were located, dealt with head wounds and chlorine gas casualties. A chaplain at the CCS wrote to his wife: ‘I do indeed regret to tell you that your dear husband, Gunner D Hunter, R.F.A., passed peacefully away on 22 September at 10.05am. He was brought to this hospital on 11th, suffering from the effects of a gas shell, chiefly affecting his throat and chest, and having to keep his eyes bandaged at first. He did not suffer much pain, as relief was given him by oxygen. He was so brave a patient, always expecting to get better, as we hoped he might. Several others who also came in on 11th also died. He was unconscious the last day or two, so left no further message. You will have received the cards I sent for him… We laid his body to rest on 22nd, late in the day, at Mendinghem Military Cemetery..’

Medals Awarded

The British War Medal, Victory Medal.

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