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British: Derry House

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Located to the east of Messines this small concrete shelter, which is part of the boundary wall of the Derry House No.2 Cemetery, was built for a field artillery unit of the 37th Division.

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The cemetery was begun among the ruins of the farm in June 1917 by a field ambulance unit of the 11th Division (32nd Brigade This division began the cemetery here. It was the engineers of 154th Field Company, Royal Engineers who built the shelter in July 1917, the roof of the shelter is made of three feet of reinforced concrete and one of the builders left their footprints in the concrete roof. Derry House was named by the 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Rifles and the road which runs past the cemetery was named Antrim Road. In August 1917, while holding the line, the 47th Australian Infantry Battalion had their headquarters here as did the 46th Battalion, along with their Regimental Aid Post, and they buried their dead in the cemetery. The duckboard track known as Dorset Street, ran from Wytschaete to the front line at Wambeke and went past Derry Farm.

Linesman Map showing location of Derry House

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