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Wieltje Dugout

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Linesman Map. Showing Wieltje village and location of the dugout

The dugout located under the village road at Wieltje had the name ‘Hades’ (after the Greek God of the underworld) and it was located, according to the Canadian Field Ambulance War Diary, at C28 B.3.7 which places it under or next to Admirals Road.

War Diary sketch showing the underground chambers. They follow the foot print of the building above

The very extensive dugout constructed under the village road was served by at least two vertical shafts, one access and one for ventilation and a number of inclined stairways. It provided accommodation for troops and access to a number of machine gun positions located just behind the British front line.

The dugout was started by 177 Tunnelling Company and was then handed over to 250 Tunnelling Company when 177 was transferred to 5th Army prior to Third Ypres. The dugout was then completed by 250 Tunnelling Company. The dugout is, in the main, located under the road running through the village but the chambers mirror the houses above.

Weekly mining report 177 Tunnelling Company, R.E.

A new house was built over the main access shaft on Admirals Road.

The house with the black roof sits on the entrance on Admirals Road. View along the main street of the village.

View along Admiral's Road and the entrance site of the dugout with the house built on top

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