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Ruisseau Farm Cemetery

Ruisseau Farm was taken during August 1917. The cemetery was begun by the Guards Division burial officer in October 1917. Later burials were made by artillery units and the cemetery continued in use until the end of November 1917.

The area around this cemetery saw severe fighting in 1917. Before this, the area also saw an important action near here on 22 October 1914 when the Germans attacked southwards towards the canal and Ypres. They pushed the line, held by the 1st Battalion Black Watch, 1st Infantry Brigade, back to just west and north of the cemetery and in doing so sustained 1,500 casualties. The French had retreated from Houthoulst Forest and this meant that the Germans now threatened to outflank the British 3rd Cavalry Division and there was a need for I Corps, commanded by General Sir Douglas Haig, to take over the line from Zonnebeke to Bikschote until they were relieved by the French a few days later.

(Linesman Map showing positions at 18 Sept 1917)

The 1st Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment was sent to assist in retaking the line from Ruisseau Farm to the crossroads at Kortekeer Cabaret and succeeding in taking most of the trenches but could not recapture the position sustaining five officers and one hundred men killed. On the 23rd October the 1st Battalion Loyal North Lancashire Regiment and the 2nd Battalion King’s Royal Rifle Corps were sent in and they reached the Pilkem-Langemark Road, south west of the cemetery, Major Aubrey John Carter commanded the Loyal North Lancashire’s he was their third commanding officer of the War, he was to be killed on 4 November 1914. Despite the area north to Kortekeer Cabaret being taken on 24 October by the 1st Loyal North Lancashires, 2nd King’s Royal rifle Corps, 2nd South Staffordshires, 1st Queen’s and 1st Nothamptonshires, it was decided that the position was too exposed and was abandoned.

The cemetery was designed by W H Cowlishaw.

Cemetery Location

Langemark is located north of the town of Ieper off the N313. From the Markt take the Statiestraat, in the direction of Bikschote, go over the disused railway and then take the first turning left, Melkerijstraat. Follow this road for approximately 800 metres, past the milk factory where there is a sharp right hand bend followed by a sharp left hand bend. At the left hand bend there is a track going straight on which leads to the cemetery.


Denny & Dunipace

16014 Private Peter Marshall

2nd Battalion Scots Guards

Age 36



Son of William & Christian Marshall


Ruisseau Farm Cemetery contains 82 First World War burials, six of them unidentified.

UK – 82

Unnamed - 6

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