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Peter Graham

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Private Peter Graham. Falkirk

9789 Private

2nd Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers, 21st Infantry Brigade, 7th Division

Age: 25

Date of Death: Killed in Action 24.10.14

Buried: Menin Gate Memorial Panel 19 & 33

Family history: Son of Joseph and Margaret Graham, 17 High Street, Falkirk. Peter was a regular soldier enlisting in 1910.

The action leading to his death

On the 24 October 1914, the battalion, as part of 7th Division, were holding the line between Reutel and Poezelhoek. On the night of the 23/24 October the 40 Germans had penetrated the British line and had got round behind ‘C’ Company and enfiladed the machine gun trench however, the Germans subsequently surrendered. Very early on the morning of the 24th the 2nd Wiltshires, located near Becelaere were surrounded by the Germans with the bulk of the battalion forced to surrender. ‘C’ Company had been supported by ‘D’ Company and both Companies had been forced to abandon their trenches owing to enemy enfiladed fire. ‘C’ Company now found their left flank turned and the Germans had now entered the Chateau Wood. The battalion received a message to ‘Hold on like hell: the 2nd division is coming’ the Royal Scot Fusiliers facing north put every available man into the firing line, ‘C’ Company was reduced to 2 officers and 75 men, the left of the battalions line was thinly held near the Reidelbeck stream by one Platoon of the Royal Scots Fusiliers and the remainder of the Wiltshires. Lt Stewart of the royal Scots Fusiliers stopped an attack by an enemy machine gin company by single handedly shooting down everyone of the enemy. The held on and prevented the enemy from rolling up the left of the British line.

Royal Scots Fusiliers. Ypres Salient. Flanders. Falkirk District

Medals Awarded:

1914 Star and Clasp, The British War Medal, Victory Medal.

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