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Michael Muirhead

126184 Driver

Ammunition Column, Guards Division, Royal Field Artillery

Age: 28

Date of Death: 12.9.17

Buried: Canada Farm Cemetery III.B.32

Family history: Son of William and Janet Muirhead, Hillend, Bonnyfield, Bonnybridge. Prior to enlisting in April 1916 he was employed as a stocktaker at the Bonnybridge Foundry of Smith and Wellstood Ltd.

The action leading to his death

The Guards artillery were firing in support of the Guards Division attack Pilkem ridge. The War Diary records:

(Linesman Map)

One of his friends wrote to his parents: ‘It is with deep regret and great sympathy that I, as an old friend, write these few lines to you on behalf of our sergeant and your son’s comrades, to inform you of his death, which took place on 12 September… He was buried with military honours, his captain and comrades being present, and a cross is being erected on the spot where he was laid to rest. As a token of our love for him, we are placing a wreath from his sub-section on his grave.

Medals Awarded

The British War Medal, Victory Medal.

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