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Maple Leaf Cemetery

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

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This cemetery was begun in December 1914 and was used until December 1917 for British burials. There are nine German burials here dating from April 1918 when the area was occupied by the Germans. The 3rd Canadian Field Ambulance Advanced Dressing Station was here from July 1915 to April 1916 when the cemetery was named by them.

Shot at Dawn

There is one man buried here who was shot at dawn.

42467 Private Albert Parry, Grave K.4. 2nd Battalion West Yorkshires , 23 Brigade, 8th Division. Husband of Alice Maude Parry, of 11, Empringham Terrace, Dalby Street, Hull.

He was shot for desertion, and was the eighth soldier to be shot for desertion from the 8th Division. He was shot nearby on 30 August 1917.

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