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James Peters

Tyne Cot Memorial. Authors image

S/17777 L/Cpl

2nd Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, 98th Infantry Brigade, 33rd Division

Age: 20

Date of Death: 18.4.18

Buried: Tyne Cot Memorial Panel 141 to 143

Family history: Son of William & Margaret Lundy Peters, 13 Station Buidlings, Garrison Place, Falkirk.

The action leading to his death

On the 16 April the battalion was in reserve billets at St Jan Capelle. It was reported that the German had captured Meteren and were advancing northwards. ‘A’ Company was sent up to occupy a line east-west on the German line of advance and at 1pm the remainder of the battalion was ordered to advance to the area around Fontaine Houck and to dig in. The German advance had been stopped by elements of the 2nd New Zealand Entrenching Battalion, supported by the 1st Middlesex Regiment and they were holding the high ground in the area of Meteren Wind Mill. On their left the Meteren Switch was held by the 5th Tank Battalion and the Pioneer’s of the 18th Middlesex Regiment. At 10pm the Argyll’s moved forward to take of the line at the Meteren Switch and by 2am on the 17 April the this had been done. On the 18 April the Germans mounted heavy artillery and infantry attacks on the battalion front and these were repelled. On the 19 April the battalion was relieved by the two companies of the 11th Australian Division and by one company from the 5th Battalion Scottish Rifles.

Linesman. Modern map showing the area

The casualties for the four days in the line were: 1 officer wounded, 10 Other Ranks killed and 40 wounded.

Medals Awarded:

The British War Medal, Victory Medal.

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