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Henry Durie

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Dozinghem Military Cemetery. Ieper, Ypres Salient. Flanders. Falkirk
Private Henry Durie. Dozinghem Military Cemetery.

S/20111 Private

8th Battalion Black Watch, 26th Infantry Brigade, 9th (Scottish) Division

Age: 34

Date of Death: 16.10.17 DoW

Buried: Dozinghem Military Cemetery X.I.14

Family history: He was married to Minnie and they had five children Jessie, Mary, Henry, Agnes, and Roseann. They lived at 10 Cow Wynd, Falkirk. Before enlisting he was employed in the Falkirk Brewery.

The action leading to his death

The Battalion was part of an assault by the 9th (Scottish) Division on 12 October against the German lines on the northern edge of the Passchendaele Ridge. The leading battalions were the 8th Black Watch, and the 10th Argyll’s each on a two company front. ’C’ and ’D’ companies were to lead the attack on the Black Watch front supported by ’A’ and ’B’ Companies. The attack was on a very wide frontage for a brigade and the supporting barrage was to move forward at 100 yards every eight minutes. The 3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade was on the right flank and the 18th Division on the left.

Linesman. Dozinghem Military Cemetery, Ieper, Ypres Salient. Flanders. Falkirk
Linesman Map.

At the forming up position for the attack the companies were heavily shelled by high explosive shells and gas shells and many of the taping parties, designated to mark out the assembly positions, had been killed or wounded and they all had to wear box respirators due to the gas shelling. The barrage opened at 5.35am and was thin and ragged and the leading men from the battalion lost their direction owing to the wide frontage and the ground conditions. With the support of rifle and Lewis gun fire ’A’ and B’ companies of the Black Watch rushed Adler Farm capturing several prisoners and incurred some casualties of their own. ‘D’ company moved off in the rear of ‘C’ company and from the off ‘C’ company lost direction and ‘D’ company came under severe enfilade fire from the direction Oxford Houses. ‘D’ company having been drawn into the fight before it was intended. ‘D’ company was now held up in front of a small copse by machine gun and rifle fire and had lost the barrage. With capture of Oxford Houses the line was consolidated and the battalion was relieved during the night of the 13/124 October by the South Africans. Battalion casualties were 3 Officers killed, 4 wounded, Other Ranks 40 killed, 266 wounded, and 88 missing.

Henry was one of the wounded who subsequently died of his wounds at the Casualty Clearing Station at Dozinghem.

Private Henry Durie, Dozinghem Military Cemetery. Ieper. Ypres Salient. Flanders. Falkirk
Private Henry Durie, Dozinghem Military Cemetery

Medals Awarded:

The British War Medal, Victory Medal.

Private Henry Durie, Dozinghem Military Cemetery. Ieper. Ypres Salient. Flanders. Falkirk

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