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British: Lock 7, King's Way

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

This shelter, the canal bank is overgrown and difficult to access, is located on the canal pathway, today named Bijlanderpad, but to the British was King’s Way. Where the road crosses the canal near Spoilbank Cemetery and a little way along the canal are the remains of lock No.7.

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The lock and the canal bank gave protection from shelling and the British built shelters here. The work was carried out in March 1917, in the main, by 520th Field Company, R.E., 47th division, and completed by the 518th Field Company, R.E.

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The shelters were used during the Battle of Messines as an artillery headquarters and were also used in February 1918 by the 2nd Field Artillery Brigade, 1st Australian Division as their headquarters, they had four-gun batteries nearby and they were in communication with the Observation Post on Hill 60.

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