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British: Hellfire Corner, Gordon House Siding

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Located about 500 yards from Hellfire Corner, now a roundabout, and visible from the Zuiderring N37, formerly the Ypres – Staden railway, is a typical British style bunker. It stands on what was known as Gordon House Railway Siding were there were depots for supplies of materials and ammunition.

Linesman map showing the location of Gordon House Siding. today, it is the N37

This bunker dates from the end of 1916 and the beginning of 1917 and was built in the standard style of concrete cast over a lining of elephant iron with sandbags to provide additional protection. The bunker was used as a shelter by the depot troops from the German shelling targeting the railway junction. The German spring offensive brought the front line to within one hundred yards of this site and the bunker would have been used as a shelter by front line troops.

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