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British: Boezinge Main Street

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

This ivy clad observation bunker is situated in a garden on the main street of Boezinge. It is constructed of concrete and brick and gave a good view over the canal and the German front lines. It would have been used by artillery observation officers to observe the accuracy of fire.

Linesman map showing the location of the bunker in relation to the front line trenches

Mounted on the bunker roof is Kleine Bertha a German Minnenwerfer trench mortar.

Authors image

Standing in the street in front of the bunker is a demarcation stone which indicates the approximate limit of the German advance. These stones were erected after the Armistice by the Touring Club de France in conjunction with the Touring Club de Belgique and the Belgian Government. The sculptor was Paul Moreau Vauthier who designed three variations with the difference on each being the pattern of the helmet. The helmet and legend 'Here the invader was brought to a halt' reflected the nationality of the troops who held the line at each of the locations however, this was far from exact.

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