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British Airmen - Menin Road South Military Cemetery

Grave I.C.17 Lieutenant Bryce Thomas Davidson. 20 Squadron RAF. Pilot. Age 25. KIA 2.7.18. Only son of Douglas and Mary A. E. Davidson, of Mimico Beach, Ontario. Husband of M. W. Davidson, 59 Parkway Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A Law Student. Grave I.C.18 Serjeant Joseph Helsby. (Observer) 1/6 Lancashire Fusiliers attached 20 Squadron RAF. Age 19. KIA 2.7.18. Son of George and Ellen Helsby, 42 Fisher Street, Sutton Oak, St. Helens, Lancs. They were flying in a Bristol F2b, C850, when they were shot down near Wervicq on 2 July 1918 by Leutnant Franz Piechulek of Jasta 56. Both were listed as unknown in the Concentration Report and this was corrected in the GRU Report when their identity was listed.

Leutnant Franz Piechulek

He was assigned to Kampfeinsitzerstaffel 5 on 27 October 1917. He scored his first aerial victory there, downing a Nieuport on 22 November. He then moved on to Jagdstaffel 41 on 14 December. On 5 January 1918, he set an enemy observation balloon on fire for his second victory. Four days later, he moved to Jagdstaffel 56 to pilot an Albatros D.Va or a Fokker D.VII. He arrived the same day as his new Staffelführer, Franz Schleiff. Between 5 March and 4 October 1918, Piechulek had a further twelve victories outlasting both Schlieff and his replacement, Dieter Collin. He was awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class.

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