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Alexander Marshall

412828 Sapper

Divisional Troops, 38th (Welsh) Divisional Signal Company, Royal Engineers

Age: 24

Date of Death: 7.9.17

Buried: Canada Farm Cemetery II.H.37

Family history: He was the youngest of four sons and a daughter of Alexander Marshall, 171 Merchiston Place, Bainsford. Prior to enlisting in 1916, he was employed as a moulder at Sunnyside Iron Works. One brother, Private E Marshall, was reported missing on 3 May 1917, and another Driver John Marshall was serving in the Army Service Corps. Alexander had an interest in pigeons and was a member of the Lauriston Pigeon Club.

The Royal Engineer Signal Service was established in 1908. Total Royal Engineer numbers in 1914 were 25,090 and by 1918 numbered 229,336. There were a total of 1,328 units of which 589 belonged to the RE Signal Service. (source: The Corps of the Royal Engineers: Organization and Units 1889 - 2018). The 38th (Welsh) Division RE was raised in December 1914 and was a New Army division. The RE Companies when raised were 123rd and 124th Field Companies and added later 151st Field Company.

The action leading to his death

The Division was in the line that ran through White Trench and Bear Trench. They had been involved in an attack on the German line on 27 August however, this was unsuccessful. Since then they had not conducted any further operations and the time in the line passed without incident except for the daily shelling. As Alexander died of wounds it can be assumed that he was a victim of this shelling.

(Linesman Map)

Medals Awarded

British Medal, Victory Medal

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