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British Airmen - Duhallow ADS Cemetery

Grave II.C.5 2nd Lieutenant William Augustus Barnett. 21 Squadron RFC. Age 19. DoW 16.11.17. Son of Charles Augustus and Amelia Elizabeth Barnett, 60 Kenninghall Road, Clapton, London. He was the pilot of R.E.8, A4652, on an artillery observation patrol near Ypres. He died of his wounds sustained when the aircraft crashed. The observer Lt George Bakewell Barnett, age 27, died of his wounds and is buried at Dozinghem Military Cemetery, Grave XII.B.24.

They were shot down by Leutnant Julius Buckler of Jasta 17.

Leutnant Julius Buckler - Buckler's father was a roofer, and Buckler followed him into the family trade. At 15 years of age, Buckler had an interest in architecture and worked for Anthony Fokker but left in 1913 to join the Infantry Life Regiment 117. After suffering a bad wound on the Western Front in September 1914, he applied for a transfer to the German Army Air Service. He joined Jasta 17 as a Vizefeldwebel in late 1916 having won an Iron Cross 1st Class. He was wounded four times in 1917, on 17 July, 12 August, 13 and 30 November the last included being wounded in both arms and the chest and crashed his aircraft from 800 metres breaking both arms. When he received the Pour le Merite on 4 December 1917, his score stood at 30. He had also received the Golden Military Merit Cross on 12 November and promoted to Leutnant on 18 November, that day he claimed three victories. While in hospital recovering from the wounds received on 30 November, he received the Blue Max. Following his recovery from his wounds he returned to Jasta 17 and had two aircraft placed at his disposal which he named ‘Lilly’ and ‘Mops’. He recorded three more victories and was wounded again in the left ankle on 6 May 1918, this put him in hospital for eight weeks and while there was awarded the Golden Wound Badge. On returning to Jasta 17 he was made Staffelfuhrer on 22 September increasing his score to 35 with a possible unconfirmed 36th victory. Julius Buckler died in Berlin on 23 May 1960 age 66.

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