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Balloonatic - Bleuet Farm Cemetery

Grave I.B.49 2nd Lieutenant Joseph Edward Blackeby, 7th Balloon Company, RFC. Age 27. KIA 21.2.18. Son of William Gardner Blackeby and Martha Blackeby, of Woolwich, London. He enlisted in the RFC as an Air Mechanic 2nd Class No.10545. He then went to the Training Reserve 99th Battalion as a Cadet TR/10/41077.

2nd Balloon Wing, 7th Balloon Company (15, 18, 36, 38 & 47 Sections).

During Third Ypres 2 Kite Balloon wing came under sustained attack. Six Albatross fighters from Jasta 4 attacked the kite balloons, three being brought down in flames. With the observers of a further three taking to their parachutes the sky was full of balloons being hauled down (or in flames) with eleven observers descending by parachute to safety.

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