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Balloonatics - New Irish Farm Cemetery

New Irish farm Cemetery. Ypres. Battlefields Belgium, Flanders
Authors image. New Irish Farm Cemetery

Grave I.A.30 is 30860 Air Mechanic 2nd Class Frank Benden. 39 Kite Balloon Section, RFC. Son of Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Benden, of 95, Greville Road, Southville. Husband of Jessie Louisa Benden, 8 Vicarage Road, Southville, Bristol. He was killed by German artillery fire on 28 October 1917.

As the Kite Balloon Sections were so close to the front line, they were prone to enemy artillery fire and a considerable number of Kite Balloon ground crew were killed or wounded.

On the 17 November 39 Kite Balloon Section suffered a large number of casualties from German artillery fire. The ground crew had taken cover in slit trenches and dugouts. Unfortunately, a shell hit one of the trenches resulting in nine fatalities. Eight were killed outright and are buried here side by side. The ninth casualty, 55471 Air Mechanic 3rd Class Harry Booth, who died the same day is buried at Dozinghem Military Cemetery.

The eight who are buried in this cemetery can be found in graves A32 to A39 they are Samuel Ackroyd (55486), John McAlpine (27166), Thomas Myers (106017), David Urban Parsons (57677), George Peel (55504), Herbert E Ponder (55663), John Thomas Spence (55478) and James Alfred Waters (55470).

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