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Belgian Battery Corner Cemetery

Updated: May 6

This cemetery was established by the 8th Division during the Battle of Messines in June 1917 and was used, mainly for burials from the nearby Dressing Station, until October 1918.

Belgian Battery Corner was the name the Army gave to the point where the Dickebusch Road bends sharply to the south and forks from the road to Brandhoek. The name is believed to originate after the Belgian battery 1st Groupe Regiment d’Artillerie Provisoire, 97, 98 and 99 Batteries positioned here in 1915. There are the graves of 206 men from artillery units which operated in this area. Counter battery fire from the Germans against the British positions accounting for the dead.

Cemetery Location

The cemetery is located in the southern suburbs of Ieper and is about 300m west of the point where the N375 bends sharply to the south. A road to Brandhoek leaves the N375 here at the crossroads and the CWGC sign directs you to the cemetery.

(Linesman Map)



45823 Sgt Peter Gentlemen Russell

‘B' Battery 112th Bgde, Royal Field Artillery





UK – 490

Australia – 123

New Zealand – 8

Canadian – 7

India – 2

Known unto God – 9

There is a special Memorial to two Australians whose graves have been lost. And two graves of Indian soldiers.

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