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George Anderson

Updated: Jan 4

38249 Private

17th Battalion Royal Scots, 106th Infantry Brigade, 35th Division


Date of Death: 30.9.18

Buried: Zantvoorde British Cemetery II.G.15

Family history: Husband of Elizabeth, 10 West Borland Road, Denny. They had two children.

The action leading to his death

The battalion was involved in the Allied offensive in Flanders that opened on 28 September. On the 29 September they were in position on Alaska House Ridge when they received orders to support the North Stafford’s in their advance on Zantvoorde and to take the Tenbrielen - Blangnert Farm line. At 3.10pm the battalion advanced and passed through Zantvoorde without any resistance and with its right flank on the Zantvoorde - Tenbrielen road. The Germans heavily shelled the road and the battalion also came under very heavy machine-gun fire on the forward slope of the hill and the advance was checked and further progress was only possible through fire and movement. During the night of 29/30 September orders were received for an assault on the northern outskirts of Werviq with the battalion in support.

(Linesman Map)

The War Dairy:

Medals Awarded:

The British War Medal, Victory Medal


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