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George Brodie

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

16039 Sergeant

12th Battalion Royal Scots, 27th Brigade, 9th (Scottish) Division

Age: 26

Date of Death: 20.9.17

Buried: Tyne Cot Memorial Panel 11 to 14

Family history: Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Brodie, 61 Castleloan, Bo’ness. He had a brother, Duncan, four sisters, Helen, Catherine, Margaret and Annie. He was married to Elizabeth, and they lived at 2 Hope Street, Bo’ness with their two daughters Helen and Elizabeth. Before he enlisted on 13 November 1914, he was employed as a miner at Kinneil Colliery.

The action leading to his death

He joined the battalion in France in May 1915 and fought at Loos in September 1915, the Somme 1916, and Arras in 1917. On the 20 September 1917, the battalion was involved in the Third Battle of Ypres, in what the nomenclature listed as the Battle of the Menin Road. The battalion was formed up across the Ypres-Roulers Railway with the objective to taking the Potsdam and the Railway Dugouts. At 5.40am the British barrage opened and the battalion went forward. The Railway was a formidable fortress as it was defended by several pill boxes. ’C’ Company was detailed with taking R1 pill box and after a stiff fight this fell with 40 prisoners and three machine guns taken. On the left ‘A’ Company pushed onto Potsdam and came under fire from their left rear by an undisclosed pill box. Captain Reynolds and six men knocked this out using a phosphorous bomb setting it on fire forcing the German occupants to surrender. Taking seven prisoners and two machine guns. At Potsdam, two German machine guns were in action in the open and two platoons of the battalion made a frontal assault and were supported by a platoon from the 3rd Regiment South African Infantry. They converged on the defenders and overpowered them taking seventy prisoners and two machine guns. The battalion had taken their objectives by 7am. George was killed in this action.

(Linesman Map)


1915 Star, The British War Medal, Victory Medal

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